I make things better using technology.


// About Me

Hi there, my name's Philip and I'm a product / marketing professional from Texas. I moved to Austin in 2011 where I've been working in technology at startups for the last 6 years. I love building, marketing, and delivering awesome experiences to users.

When I'm not working, I enjoy eating / making food, getting outside, slinging bugs on my fly rod, and playing guitar.

// What I'm good at

Listening & Communication

Maintaining active and clear communication

Product Development

Turning ideas into lasting business value

Marketing & Acquisition

Developing winning strategies to acquire customers


Helping online stores realize their full potential

Data Strategy & Analysis

Capturing and surfacing the data needed to measure success

UX / UI Design

Creating simple, clean user experiences using lean principles

Rapid Prototyping

Using interactive prototypes to quickly and cheaply validate ideas without developers

Usability Testing

Conducting in-person and digital usability sessions to gather valuable feedback

Web Development

Building responsive websites with popular modern frameworks

Process Automation

Leveraging automation where possible to maximize efficiency
See my CV for full work history and skill-set.

// What I believe in

  1. Results based objectives

    I’m a huge fan of Andy Grove and his notable book, High Output Management. He defines Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) which I believe to be invaluable framework for setting goals, measuring progress, and creating accountability.

  2. Data is a first-class citizen

    We’re lucky to live in a time where we can measure almost anything. Before kicking off any project, it's important to invest in exposing any KPIs that will point to the success of what's trying to be achieved.

  3. Speed as a habit

    Just like Dave Girouard who coined the term "Speed as a Habit," I believe that "fast decisions are far better than slow ones and radically better than no decisions." As long as we're keeping our eyes on the data, it's hard to veer too far off course.

  4. Outcomes over output

    Let us not forget the goal of a given project is achieving a measurable business outcome and not shipping something by an abstract deadline. Before moving on, we should be confident we solved the problem that put the project on the roadmap in the first place.

  5. Overcommunication

    Even the most well-intentioned assumptions can be dangerous. Clarity almost always trumps whatever is obscuring it.

  6. Empathy makes things better

    The best product people, problem solvers, and managers operate with a healthy amount of empathy. The better we can understand the needs and perspectives of others, the better we can help them - and the more willing they will be to help us.

// How can I help you?

Let’s find out! Fill out the form below or send an email to philip@philip-johnson.com to get in touch.